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one big family

| Nov 19, 2011

this is a 21 person family photo shoot.  it was styled by the amazing and talented kami with a k.  she came up with these inspriation boards, that directed the family with what they should wear. she also styled a lot of the hair and make up.

does this family look familiar?  it is becase this is my family … my whole family!!  we did a family photo shoot in our home town of arizona (where i grew up).  our family is getting bigger every year, it is so fun to see everyone is the same photos!

all shot on kodak portra 800 with a contax 645 and contax g2.  black and whites were shot on kodak TX 400 in my contax 645 or my canon 1V

wedding photography

last change to get your FIND guide!

| Nov 15, 2011


last february jonathan canlas put out an amazing guide to shooting film.  it is a digital photographer’s guide for shooting film.   i get many emails daily asking me how i shoot film and what equipment i use.  i no longer email my long responses back … i thank them for their email and send them a link to the FIND GUIDE.  it has EVERYTHING you need to know to start shooting film.  jonathan is honest, forward, lays it out in a very easy to understand way.  it talks about camera types, film types, and where to send your film!  you only have to pay $129 for all this information!  i paid thousands and thousands of dollars to receive all the information that is in the FIND GUIDE and jonathan lays it out and gives it to you for $129!

NOT ANYMORE!!!  the FIND GUIDE is going out!!  jonathan is taking it off the market as of december 1st.  so this is your last chance to get it and you can get it for $79!!   i never write or blog about things, i only showcase my work on this blog.  however, this is one product out there i truly believe in, and it has helped me help other fellow photographer’s out there!

you can read my full review here

you can get the FIND GUIDE here

wedding photography

find me

| Sep 16, 2011

i couldn’t hold back any longer.  you can now FIND ME on tumblr and pinterest!



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wedding photography

goodbye summer

| Sep 9, 2011

so long sweet summer, you were so good to us.  you will be missed.

120 Kodak 400 TX