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| Aug 31, 2015

photos for life workshopWEB


In the days following the death of my daughter, I had the bittersweet task of gathering up her photos for display at her funeral.  The thought of ever picking up my camera again was unsettling, as the thought of working away from my kids seemed self-indulgent and superficial.  But when I looked at the images I captured of Penny during her lifetime, I knew it wasn’t something I could or should leave behind.  What I noticed was that some of my favorite images I ended up choosing for her “celebration” were those I had taken casually–images only her mom could capture in every day life.  These were the ones that truly captured the essence of Penny.

I took a long break from photography as a career, and now I want to pass on what I have accumulated as a gift to you.  I want to help everyone get what they need to document life and get the most from your camera.  Whether you’re an aspiring professional photographer, a parent that wants to capture the everyday family moments, a photo hobbyist, a blogger wanting better images for their site, or a business owner that wants better photos for of their products, this workshop is for you with one guarantee — better photos for the rest of your life.



Photos for Life is a Photo 101 class taught by me, Jill Thomas.

We will cover:

- how to get off auto settings and shoot manually and why that is important.

- exposure and lighting

- composition and how to choose your backdrop

- how to take photos within your family and within your business


3 nights – Firdays,  September 11, 18, 25 and Thursdays, October 15, 22, 29

These are 2.5 hour classes.  Photography builds on itself and I love the idea of teaching a concept, sending you home to practice, bring your work in and critique it, answering questions and then teaching the next concept.  You will need a camera with manual settings.

Saturday – September 19 and Saturday October 24th 

This is an all-in-one Saturday class.  If Friday nights don’t work, or you are from out of town, this class fits in all the content from the Friday sessions into 6 hours.  We’ll spend some classroom time learning a concept, then iteratively shooting and answering questions.  We will shoot, have fun, and lunch is included!


Penny Ranch of course!  The workshops will be held in my studio at Penny Ranch in Heber, Utah.  Heber is 20 minutes from Orem and Park City, and 45 minutes from Salt Lake City.  It is a beautiful valley, nestled in the mountains.  There are places to eat, stay, and lots of activities.  I have a photography studio that I built for the purpose of these workshops in mind.  I am so excited to share my home with you.


I wanted to make this workshop affordable, so that you could “justify” spending the money to come learn how to finally use your camera for what it was made to do!


For over 6 hours of instruction + I will be available afterward and during for questions.


YES!  I will be offering the same courses in October.  So stay tuned for additional dates.  If you would like to receive an email update when I release these dates please email :


YES!  Are you not a beginning photographer but would like to refine your skills?  Or if you take my Photo 101 course, will you be able to take additional classes to continue learning in photography?  The answer is yes!  This winter I will be offering more specific skill classes as well!  If you would like to receive an email update when I release these dates or if you have requests for specific classes please email :


Maybe!  I am trying it out here at Penny Ranch first.  If all goes well, we might get to go to other cities.  If you would like to request a specific city please email me:


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